Stellar Communication Sign Language Interpreting Agency


What is Stellar Communication and What Does Stellar Communication Do?

Stellar provides communication access by coordinating Sign Language Interpreters and Captioning services and face to face and remotely for individuals with hearing loss to follow speech in real time.  We handle the coordination of selecting the most appropriate interpreters and/or providers with certifications and specific qualifications to match the deaf or hard of hearing individuals communication requests and preferences.

We love the Pacific Northwest!  Located just outside Portland, OR.

Why do I do it?


Because of my own experience as a consumer, I understand communication needs can vary and be a sensitive topic. I understand the importance of having a good team, a well fitted match for the consumers and a workable situation for clients. If we are unable to provide services you need we will help you find a great agency that can! Not only that but we will consult with you in what to look for when selecting agencies.

Carla Ring, founder


About Our Founder


I am proud to say I have the experience needed for coordinating services for over 50 Schools and Universities. Over 53,000 hours in my career are specifically coordinating ASL Sign Language Interpreters/VRI services, CART Captioning and TypeWell Transcription.  

When creating a  Referral Agency the Vision was to be more than just an Interpreting Agency.  I wanted to be able to provide choices for all types of hearing loss. ASL Sign Language Interpreters, CDI Services, CART Captioning and TypeWell in combination to serve students how they need not just offering them one form of communication that may work for native ASL speakers but not those that did not learn ASL or the other way around.  Services must be adjusted to meet the individual not just the stereotypical deaf consumer.  Thats where Stellar raises the bar. I dont need to be the NIC level IV Interpreter to know when to use one and I don't need to be a CART Captioner to know when CART is going to work or not. What I do need to know is how my client hears and what works for them.  We really look into what our client needs and we change as their needs change.  Communication is more than just throwing words at someone and hoping they get it,


I have a lifetime experience juggling both worlds and it was translating and interpreting services that got me through school and college bridging the gap between my deaf world and the hearing world. I have lived in both worlds of sound and silence and carried a bilingual spoken English and Sign Language identity.

   By navigating between English and ASL in my own life,  the bridge comes when I'm able to utilize all of my understanding about my own barriers utilize translating and interpreting services and captioning services for my clients the way they way they should be done.