Stellar Communication Sign Language Interpreting Agency


What is Stellar Communication and What Does Stellar Communication Do?

Stellar provides communication access by coordinating Sign Language Interpreters and Captioning services and face to face and remotely for individuals with hearing loss to follow speech in real time.  We handle the coordination of selecting the most appropriate interpreters and/or providers with certifications and specific qualifications to match the deaf or hard of hearing individuals communication requests and preferences.

We love the Pacific Northwest!  Located just outside Portland, OR.

Why do I do it?


Because of my own experience as a consumer, I understand communication needs can vary and be a sensitive topic. I understand the importance of having a good team, a well fitted match for the consumers and a workable situation for clients. If we are unable to provide services you need we will help you find a great agency that can! Not only that but we will consult with you in what to look for when selecting agencies.

Carla Ring, founder


About Our Founder


When creating a  Referral Agency  I incorporated my experience as a coordinator and manager with my core values for customer service which is strongly imbedded in communication and efficiency. 

I have 5 plus years working with other referral agencies handling both coordination and operations on multiple levels.  I find the most important aspect in the agency is the coordination and scheduling of services.  I spend a great deal of time focusing on making sure scheduling is simple, efficient and flexible as possible. 

I have a lifetime experience juggling both worlds and it was translating and interpreting services that got me through school and college bridging the gap between my deaf world and the hearing world. I have lived in both worlds of sound and silence and carried a bilingual spoken English and Sign Language identity.  I also utilized caption services throughout my college career and into my professional career working for Sign Language Translating and Interpreting plus Caption companies. 

   By navigating between English and ASL in my own life,  the bridge comes when I'm able to utilize all of my understanding about my own barriers utilize translating and interpreting services and captioning services for my clients the way they way they should be done. 

 My History from a deaf child to a hard of hearing adult. 

I became legally deaf at the age of 7 with base sounds residual  hearing in one ear but maintained most of my speech through music and practicing.  I was placed in a hearing impaired program and taught Sign Language at age 11.  I used Sign Language primarily for education through childhood into my 20's.  By 2018 technology is good enough for me to use the phone with caption built in but I still maintain a deaf and hard of hearing identity and navigate between spoken English and Sign Language as I need it and it works for me.  

One of my favorite memories is when I was in 6th grade and my family attended a vendor event for hearing devices in the 1980's.  I recall a new thing called a "caption decoder" came out and my parents bought one for me so I could watch TV.   The experience was pure joy for me to be able to watch t.v with my family and understand.  This was a life changing devise and back then it didn't really work that well! It was clunky took up the whole bottom of the TV and only certain shows had captioning. 

During this time I was learning Sign Language for 2-5 hours a day in school plus a 2 hour bus ride home with my deaf/hoh peers. I do recall being swept away by it and I would practice my new signs in the mirror and I recall just being absolutely in love with my language and learning to speak Sign Language was a lot like Harry Potter arriving at Hogwarts! I was only 11 but I knew I was right where I was supposed to be. 

After high school, about 20 years ago I put myself through college, went to Gallaudet University for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Washington, DC in 1999-2003 and again 2005-2006 for 3 years, studying early childhood education, deafness and psychology. I then went on to study a few more years at the University of New Mexico in Psychology/ Anthropology with Sign Language  Interpreters and caption providers. 

My love for working in the interpreting world really began  when I moved to Washington State in 2013.  I worked for a Sign Language Interpreting Agency and then after that a larger CART Caption /TypeWell Transcription agency or referral company before going into business for myself.  After about 5 years I ultimately decided it was time to launch Stellar Communication Interpreting and Captioning Services LLC and the rest is HISTORY IN THE MAKING!