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Idellah Ashlie, C.A.R.T. Writer & Realtime Voice Captioner. I am a graduate of the College of Court Reporting (IN). I’ve been working 100% remotely in this industry since 2018 straight out of school and LOVE what I do. Once I began living on my own in an apartment situation, I regularly used CC to follow along when watching TV programs. It was an attempt to keep the volume at a sane level as a neighborly courtesy. I became curious about how CC are created. In 2016, I realized I’d come as far as I could in my former work and took the opportunity to change careers. When I learned stenographers are the OG captioners, I was hooked. I knew I HAD to do it and enrolled in school to get training. I feel captioning really is a craft and has provided me a rewarding career, not just a job.

April Jackson Deaf Interpreter

April Jackson, name sign “A” on middle of chin, Kansas City, Missouri native who now calls Maryland home. April was born and raised as a translator from 6th generation Deaf family. Jackson grew up in public school then earned her bachelor of science degree in Business Administration and minor in Fine Arts specializing in Theatre and Production at Gallaudet University in 2012. Jackson became Deaf interpreter professional in 2018. She maintains a part time interpreting schedule in addition to teaching Gallaudet University and Community College of Baltimore County ASL courses and leading interpreting workshops. 

Jackson is currently taking training of “ProjectClimb: Cultivating Legal Interpreters from Minority Backgrounds” through virtual. Last 2019, Jackson graduated from Deaf-Blind Interpreting training in Oregon; Deaf Interpreter Translation Series: CART Interpreting; Deaf Interpreter Training, and many different training sessions. Jackson specializes in the interpretations of Black American Sign Language (BASL), platform/conference, medical, legal, Tactile/ProTactile, International sign, and theatre settings – locally, nationally, and internationally. 

She is a member in good standing with the following professional organizations: National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA), DC Area Black Deaf Advocates (DCABDA), Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), Potomac Chapter Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (PCRID), and the National Alliance of Black Interpreters and DC (NAOBI-DC).

During her special moments, April loves to exercise, travel, socialize and spend time with her gorgeous two Deaf children, Akeisha and Keivonn.
April JacksonAprJacks ASL Consulting, LLC.
Deaf Interpreter/TranslatorDirector of Artistic Sign Language Tactile/Pro-TactileASL ConsultantActor/Storyteller

Joe Toledo Deaf Interpreter

(My sign name “Y” on the forehead)

-Resides in Boston, MA. Latino, Deaf Interpreter, PTASL, Deaf/Deaf interpret team, Deaf/Hearing team and performance/theater from 2014 to present time.
Joe is currently Studying and training Legal Interpreting

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