We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Joe Toledo Deaf Interpreter

Joe Toledo (my sign name “Y” on the forehead)
-Resides in Boston, MA. Latino, Deaf Interpreter, PTASL, Deaf/Deaf interpret team, Deaf/Hearing team and performance/theater from 2014 to present time.
Joe is currently Studying and training Legal Interpreting

Joann Jaimes CART Captioning/Owner of NoReplay Captioning

Joann Jaimes began her captioning career in 1997, providing onsite CART Captioning services for deaf and hard of hearing students at The National Center on Deafness at California State University, Northridge. As an independent contractor, she then crafted her skill, while working onsite, captioning jobs for many disability organizations, under the mentorship of one of the now-biggest captioning agencies in Southern California. In 2005, She transitioned into Broadcast Captioning, covering news and sports, but most notably, the 2012 “United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development” and even had the luckiest opportunity to travel and work abroad on a separate assignment, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At present, aside from running her company, Joann captions a plethora of online meetings, classes, trainings and says, “I embrace my specialized skill and am grateful to be able to make others feel included by providing accessible communication because… everyone deserves to be included.”

Brandon Heaps, Founder of MOSAIC INTERPRETING, LLC/CEO

Originally from Tampa Bay, Florida, Brandon is a Pacific Northwest transplant as of August 2017. While attending college in Jacksonville, Florida, he had his first encounter with a Deaf person, sparking his interest in the language and culture. Upon graduation, Brandon decided to redirect his career path and became a Nationally Certified Interpreter through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. He carries a variety of interpreting experiences including medical, legal, theatrical, business meetings, conferences, local and federal government, cruise interpreting and VRS/VRI. Brandon’s passion is found in mentoring interpreters as well as curating fun, social spaces for colleagues to connect. In his personal time, Brandon enjoys traveling with his family, experiencing cultures and cuisines of other humans around the globe.

April Jackson Deaf Interpreter

April Jackson serves the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community as a BIPOC Authentic Deaf Interpreter. April has worked with the Portland Mayors debate with Stellar, Disabilities Justice 2020 Care Conference. Aprils natural and skilled raw talent brings life and understanding across ASL barriers from ASL Interpreting to Deaf Interpreting

Mayan Fogarty Auto-Captioning and Tech Specialist/ Founder of Maximize Your Tech LLC

Engaged, focused, and always ready to learn. I am willing to take on new projects that may be out of the scope of my normal work duties to better assist my company. My experience includes working in small and large environments with varied technologies. I work well in teams and by myself.
I hope to further my knowledge of system administration and break into the cloud/virtualization technologies while helping my team succeed.
As a Hard of Hearing individual I can bring diversity to your business. Raised orally, sign language is my second language. I can be helpful to clients that need assistance… Although I have a hearing loss which requires me to wear a hearing aid. Which I only wear one on my right side. It helps amplifies my hearing to a normal range of hearing. If I am using the phone it is best for me to use the speaker.
Specialties: Building desktops, troubleshooting, replacing/ upgrading hardware, installation, server and maintenance.

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