About Stellar

Stellar is a small team of talented professional Sign Language Interpreters, Captioning Providers & Coordinators with a wide range of skills and experience. Each person that works with Stellar is Stellar! We support each other, we grow together, we love what we do, and we do it with passion. Stellar was created to be an Agency directed and managed by the Interpreting and Deaf Community together.

About the Founder: Carla Baker

Founder of Stellar Communication: My Deaf Story

As a young child I lost my hearing gradually from age 1 to age 10. I went from being able to understand to not being able to hear the bell ringing at recess. I recall sitting there watching everyone get up and run out of class and really never knowing what was going on around me. I cried a lot, I was stressed out and scared all the time. It wasn’t long after that I was placed in Special Education with no real access services. At the age of 11 a teacher recognized my deafness and need for accessibility and fought the public education IEP programs to place me in a Deaf Program across town where I could learn English Sign Language. This school is where I would meet other deaf children for the first time and I will never forget how the world went from a scary dark place to happy fun place where I now had friends and we played with our new signs letter by letter, sign by sign. For one hour a day I had Sign Language tutors until I was proficient enough to have Interpreters in my classes and talk with other children. In less than one year I went from being a Special Education to being on the Honor Roll! Unfortunately my success was seen as a reason to remove me from the program. The experience of access will forever impress me. I was placed back into public mainstream without access services and again fell off the curve of normal to being labeled a low achiever. Two years of going without services and I was done. The reason I was labelled a low achiever was because I could not follow what my teachers or other students were saying. It was frustrating and scary. It wasn’t until College that I recognized my own need to pursue American Sign Language again. From then on after I attend Gallaudet University the only Deaf University in the World and the world opened up to me in a way I could understand forever. I then went on to UNM studying Psychology and Evolutionary Anthropology. I had the education to know how to navigate the world. Its not an easy story but an impacting one.

Today with 50,000 plus hours of Interpreting/Captioning coordinating experience as an Administrator I am proud of my work and serve as a professional Coordinator for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Access Services.

I love to talk with clients! I love to connect with them in their own pursuit to creating access while reaching out to the professionals in each individual spectrum from ASL Interpreting, Deaf Interpreting, CART Captioning and TypeWell transcription and passing what I learn along to create STELLAR outcomes for everyone!