Stellar is a small team of talented professional Sign Language Interpreters, Captioning Providers & Coordinators with a wide Range of Skills and Experience. Each Person that Works with Stellar is Stellar! We Support Each Other, We Grow Together, We Love What We Do, and We Do it with Total Professionalism. Stellar was Created to be an Agency Directed and Managed by the Interpreting and Deaf Community Together.

About the Founder: Carla Baker

Founder of Stellar Communication:

As a young child I lost my hearing gradually from age one Profound in my left ear to losing my right ear by the age ten. I officially transferred to a program called Hearing Impaired Program and started learning Sign Language in 6th grade.

As a college student I choose to attend Gallaudet University the only Deaf University in the World and the world opened up to me in a way I could understand forever. I then went on to UNM studying Psychology and Evolutionary Anthropology with Interpreters and Captioning Services I was able achieve my dreams.

In 2013 I started working with a number of different ASL Interpreting Agencies and Captioning Agencies. I continued until 2018 when I started Stellar Communication LLC.

After opening Stellar I then found CymaSpace a Deaf lead Art and Technology Organization where I helped build the Access Program for Arts and Cultural Organization within CymaSpace. I continue to run the Access program in partnership with CymaSpace and Stellar to this day.

Today with well over 50,000 plus hours of Interpreting/Captioning coordinating experience as an Administrator I am proud of my work and serve as a professional Coordinator for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Access Services.

I love to talk with clients through email and text! I love to connect with them in their own pursuit to creating access while reaching out to the professionals in each individual spectrum from ASL- ENGLISH & ENGLISH-ASL Interpreting, DeafBlind ProTactile PTASL Interpreting, Deaf Interpreting, CART Captioning and TypeWell transcription and passing what I learn along to create STELLAR outcomes for everyone!

Over the years added with COVID-19 Safety requirements I’ve studied and have gained talents in Remote Services. I also manage Streaming and Auto-Captioning as requested.

As I continue to grow I am taking ongoing courses! Ill be posting certificates and other accomplishments here!


OMWBE Certificate + Certificate Number