TypeWell Transcription for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing



In a Gist How is TypeWell Done?

TypeWell Transcribers are highly trained professionals in specialized software for transmitting and a form of interpreting spoken word to text.  TypeWell and C-Print are similar but use different software.  

TypeWell captures verbal spoken words and translates it into meaning-for-meaning text transcript for the viewer to read using a laptop or other web based devise such as an ipad or tablet. Any smart device that can access or view URL has the capability to be a reading device for transcription. 

How is TypeWell Transcription Different from CART or C-Print?

*  TypeWell has its own highly specialized software with secure connections  is used to transmit speech-to- text to in a meaning for meaning way that has the ability to add background information, insert formulas for math, clearly state different speakers and take out additional jargon that can make reading tiring and complex. 

* TypeWell is more of a translation job rather than just typing word for word so TypeWell providers tend to work in teams.  This prevents mental burn out and hand injuries. 

*  TypeWell is favored by specific individuals that need clarity, freedom and concept. 

Who Benefits the Most From TypeWell VS. CART or Interpreters?

 *  Individuals that want freedom to look around.

* When grammar is more important than speed. 

* When the concept is more important than just word-for-word. 

*   Ability to review transcriptions at a later time. 

*  Clear understanding of what is being said and put in clear english sentences with grammar and background information. captioning

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 The way it works is the provider can either be onsite or via remote listening to speech, lecture and then simultaneously transcribes what is being said for the view to read. Instead of creating a speech-to-word real time text the transcriber creates sentences that reflect what is being said in the most clear and understandable way possible. The viewer can read what is being said on a computer, laptop, or cell phone device by using a URL with high speed internet connection. When the lecture is over the transcripts are edited for the student and then sent to a drop box for the viewer to read at their convenience and review anytime.