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Professional Coordinating Services

Stellar Understands and Coordinates Accessibility Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Across Key Access Areas: English-ASL/ASL-English, Deaf/Hearing Team Interpreting, CART, or TypeWell Transcription, Auto-Captioning with Technical Support- Streaming for Spotlighting Interpreters and Streaming Captioning to Multi-Platforms.

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ASL Interpreting
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American Sign Language Interpreting

Stellar Communication offers professional scheduling and coordinating services to help schedule your American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters for your events. All of our ASL Interpreters are vetted for certifications and qualifications that meet standards within the Deaf Community and RID certification standards. Stellar adheres to all Code of Conduct requirements set forth by the RID and the BEI Certification requirements and continues to support legislative efforts to raise the bar for our Interpreters who have conducted themselves professionally, proved to be passionate and committed to the highest level of standards within the American Sign Language Interpreting Community.

CART CAPTIONING (Communication Access Realtime Translation) When captioning accuracy is a priority, we offer live stream CART Provider (Communication Access Realtime Translation) solutions as an option.

EXAMPLE of CART Captioning by Stellar Communication

When every word spoken counts, a human CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) Stenographer is recommended. A certified stenographer will be deployed to your event (or remotely online). The stenographer listens to the speech and transcribes it word-for-word in real-time. CART stenographers will work with the multimedia equipment you are using.

TypeWell  TypeWell relies on transcribers using abbreviation software that allows them to capture the essence of what’s being said in real-time. This process eliminates redundancy and erroneous words: You read meaning-for-meaning transcription which can be a Real-Time Translation of what the speaker is saying.

Captions generated with CART or TypeWell will be encoded for live-streamed or recorded video. (Broadcast Basic service is recommended to sync all services, but we will work with your tech crew to recruit providers and offer support.)

Technical Supported ASR Services:  A technician will connect your live stream or broadcasted video with embedded ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition Software). Auto captions provide approximately 80%-96% text accuracy. Interpreting services and Real-Time Captioning services are not included in the basic fee.

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