Stellar Communication Access Services

We offer a range of services that assure communication access for deaf and hard of hearing individuals from educational settings, organizations, performance arts, counseling clinics, and non-profit organizations. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We can explain what services are right for you and tell you more about our fees. Get in touch below.

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American Sign Language Interpreter

Sign Language Interpreters are preferred by Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals that speak American Sign Language.  A Sign Language Interpreter can interpret in-person or video Remotely Interpreting with the use of URL laptop or viewer. Broadcasting capabilities with technical assistance is also available starting April 2020.  The viewing  individual has access to everything being said equally to those listening to speech. We match you with a Sign Language  Interpreter who is trained, certified and qualified to meet each person’s  unique needs. Every Stellar interpreter adheres to our professional and ethical standards regarding confidentiality and code of conduct.

TypeWell Remote uses headphones with Mic to relay transcripts online

TypeWell Transcription

TypeWell Speech-to-Text Real Time Transcription provides communication access for individuals who are Deaf and hard of Hearing.  TypeWell is perfered by many viewers because of its clear and easy to follow contextual structure as well as the ability to adjust the viewing fonts, colors and format.

Onsite CART Captioning can be viewed on a projector or laptop.

CART Word-for-Word Captioning

Communication Access Real Time Translation (CART) is high-speed, verbatim, accurate speech-to-text translation referred to as captioning. CART is appropriate for individuals that don’t want or cannot use an interpreter, or anyone benefits from a speech-to-text transcription.  CART is done by highly qualified and trained certified Court Reporters. One of the benefits of CART is that speed and its ability to produce text at the same time or within seconds of a person speaking can allow an individual to follow speech in real time. CART is great for anyone that wants word for word verbatim access. Text can be saved for later viewing

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